Flooring Trends For The Seller!


This just in from the annual International Flooring Market; Surfaces, via Hank & Judy Goldstien, CSC Floors, Plano, TX:

Carpet – It’s Back, and Patterns are in Demand

• Over the last few years, buyers preferred hard surfaces, such as wood and tile, over carpet; however in 2015, expect more of a balance between preferences for hard surfaces and the warmer, softer look and feel of carpet. This is great news for sellers since carpet is faster to install and generally less expensive than hard surfaces.

• Patterned carpets are growing in popularity and design choices, and top designers are using these stylish carpets as the focal point of the room. Sellers will have to be careful, though, if they go with a patterned carpet since these can be highly subjective choices.

FauxBois: Wood-Look Vinyl Plank, Laminate and Tile

Bois is the French word for wood, and wood-look vinyl plank, laminate and tile will all remain popular trends in 2015. Why? Style, ease of care, durability and affordability all land on the side of the fauxbois products, which makes them an excellent choice for sellers or for buyers who are looking for bang for their buck.

Hardwood Floors Remain a Strong Preference, but Styles are A-Changin’


• Although gray and greige (a blend of gray and beige) continue to be popular colors, warmer, darker colors are in to contrast the current trend of contemporary furnishings and (in kitchens) white cabinets.

• Surprisingly, the 1980’s trend of whitewashed wood is making a comeback; however, we don’t recommend this for sellers since it’s not a mainstream trend just yet.


• Wider planks or a random wide/thin plank mixture creates a more modern feel for a room.

• A mash up of vintage/distressed/reclaimed-looking wood and contemporary furniture is on the rise in 2015. This distressed finish also works well for busy families with lots of foot traffic.


• Hardwood is becoming the buyers’ choice in kitchens (over tile), entryways and powder rooms.